Our Philosophy & Values

Our Philosophy

The early years are the most critical stage of a child’s development and we have a responsibility to do all we can to optimise a child’s developmental experience during their time with us. To achieve this:


We staff our centre with a team of early childhood educators who:

  • Have great love and passion for children
  • Hold early childhood qualifications, with a commitment to continuous learning
  • Optimize learning opportunities for our children
  • Offer a diverse cultural experience for our children


We ensure that our children are safe, respected and loved during every moment of their time with us.

  • Create a learning environment within which our children can develop socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically.
  • Establish homely environments in our service, which is well maintained, resourced and cleaned.
  • Strive to successfully implement the National Quality Framework to the highest standards.


We focus on developing a curriculum that combines:

  • • Adoption of the Early Years Learning Framework
  • Emergent, play-based learning, supplemented by appropriate teacher-lead instruction
  • A content-rich program, inclusive of literacy, numeracy, science, art, music, and language
  • A stimulating natural environment
  • An awareness of cultures, community and environment
  • An introduction to the wonders of technology without excessive screen time exposure


We recognise that our families are our customers and strive to provide them with thoughtful and meaningful service that makes it easier for them to balance their family and work commitments.


Develop our educators to be confident communicators who ensure parents know how their child spent their day with us, how their child is progressing in their development and how they can involve themselves in the day-to-day life at our service.


Provide enjoyable, nutritious and diversely appropriate meals and snacks, prepared by trained cooks in a licensed kitchen that is safe and hygienic.


Seek to improve the environmental sustainability of our service and embed sustainability within our curriculum.


Access our wonderful network of Educators and staff, families and suppliers to engage in fundraising initiatives to support those less fortunate than us.


Our Values


We are enthusiastic and passionate about the role we have in the lives of our children.


Open, honest and respectful interactions guide our practice.


We pursue excellence in all we do


We partner with our families to create high quality learning and development outcomes for our children.


We recognise and celebrate the efforts and achievements of our children, educators and staff.

Team Spirit

All members of the Little Babes Early Learning family work together to achieve our shared vision of being Australia’s highest quality provider of care and early learning.