Governance and management of the service, confidentially of records policy and procedures

At Little Babes ELC we are guided by the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011 and Education and Services National Law Act 2010.


Governance arrangements

Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs (MCEECDYA)

  • Oversees implementation of the National Quality Framework (NQF)
  • Makes the Education and Care National Regulations
  • Appoints members of AECQA Board


Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA)

  • Guides the implementation of the NQF
  • Publishes guides and resources for the sector, parents and the community
  • Establishes, publishes and maintains national registers including approved providers, approved education and care services and their ratings and certified supervisors
  • Promotes the consistent application of the National Law across all state and territories
  • Provides national oversight of the NQF and ensures consistency


State / Territory based Regulatory Authority

Approved providers, services and certified supervisors will primarily interact with the Regulatory Authority in your state.
The State Regulatory Authority will:

  • Administer the NQF
  • Issue approvals and supervisor certificates
  • Assess services against the National Quality Standard
  • Monitor and enforce the National Law
  • Review and investigate complaints


Rating and Assessment

All centres , Australia wide, are assessed by their state/territory regulatory authority to ensure that they are meeting the National Quality Standards. Little Babes ELC has recently been through this process and obtained the rating of ‘exceeding national quality standards’, which is an excellent result.