Our Curriculum

At Little Babes Early Learning Centre, we embrace play-based learning and an emergent curriculum in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework.

  • Children learn best through play and when they are allowed to discover what they want to learn.
  • Our carefully-planned play environments are rich in stimulating resources that provide opportunities for children to learn as they discover, improvise, create and imagine.
  • Our qualified Educators support children as they explore their environment and extend their play when required through programs that respond to, and build on, children’s interests. Concepts and skills are presented and investigated, and then expanded through both structured activities and imaginative play that support cognitive, physical, social and emotional development.
  • Daily structures are flexible to accommodate children’s changing needs. They involve individual, small group and whole group tasks with a balance of indoor and outdoor play, as well as quiet and active activities.
  • You can expect not only the fundamentals such as language, literacy and numeracy, but art and music, social and life skills, problem solving and investigation – within an environment and curriculum designed especially to meet each developmental level.
  • Whether your child is just starting to walk, or is heading off to school, a Little Babes Early Learning Centre will support each step along the way.