Our Early Learning Environments

Little Babes Early Learning Centre is designed to reflect our philosophy

We believe the physical aspects of our early learning environments should support each child’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs by:

  • Being warm and welcoming to create a sense of belonging for children and their families
  • Offering attractive, sensory-rich activity areas to inspire curiosity, foster creativity and support discovery
  • Providing room to move freely and space to play so children are encouraged to explore
  • Catering for different developmental needs with a range of activities and age-appropriate play materials that are changed to meet individual interests, and that enable children to choose from a variety of options
  • Supplying a mixture of environments to cater for quiet or active, planned or spontaneous, small or large group, and indoor or outdoor experiences
  • Ensuring a safe and protected environment, from controlled access and security gates to child-appropriate equipment and sun-shades, so children and their families can feel secure and safe
  • Incorporating the natural environment with extended outdoor play spaces and layouts that increase natural light and extend the indoors out
  • Supporting a healthy diet and enjoyable meal-times through our own licensed catering facilities preparing fresh food, on-site, every day.



When you enter this classroom...

  • You are scientists
  • You are explorers
  • You are important
  • You are loved
  • You are respected
  • You are a friend
  • You are the reason
  • we are here!